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Reppin:Orlando   Label: Trill Ent

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Name: Wankaego (Theresa Runyon)
Nickname: Kaego / The Queen of Trill
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Zodiac: Gemini
Measurements: Bust – 34 | Waist – 25 | Hips – 39

# of tats – Seven
Name of artist – G
Name of shop – Heavenly Ink
Which was your first tattoo – My name when I was 16
Biggest Tat – Back piece of a Japanese Koi Fish

Mesmerizing, captivating, and charming are just a few adjectives that describe Wankaego, a World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) Honey from Orlando, Florida, who has both male and female fans across the World. But Wankaego is more than just an influential model. She is a recording artist with pure raw talent. Wankaego has an impressive blend of qualities that separates her career from many established artists within the industry today.

At age 16 Wankaego began expressing herself by writing music. The foundation of her recording career developed from several years of non-serious creative writing. Wankaego was born June 16, 1987 and currently lives in Orlando, Florida. Her established success with modeling has aided her vision of becoming a mainstream artist. Wankaego is going on her second year of pursing a serious recording career and according to Wankaego, female artist Shawnna has influenced her sound and direction. However, if you truly want to understand Wankaego, you will see a deep motivation coming from her family. Wankaego says, “My mother motivates me in everything I do, because she is a strong woman, and has inspired me to strive for more in life.” The best overall description of Wankaego as a person is “Go Hard or Go Home”.

Artists that are “driven” usually work for many years to establish and grow their audience. Luckily the large audience that has accepted Wankaego’s modeling career is eager to see what success will come with her recording career. Fans already know her music career highlights include opening up for mainstream artists Meek Mill, Future, and Cash Out. Currently she is not signed to a label and her plans for the next big project are top secret.

However, if you are new to Wankaego, you can visit and view hours of already released photos and videos. Her growing campaign has been called “#WankaegoWednesday” and when you become a fan of Wankaego be sure to look out for the new content posted to her website every Wednesday. You may be surprised to see the outstanding qualities that other artists never presented while developing their career. One of the most shocking qualities a new fan can see is her unbelievable athletic ability to perform Gymnastics. Lastly, the career underlining her entire list of achievements involves make-up and hair. Before enrolling completely in the industry and starting her modeling career Wankaego worked for MAC Cosmetics. The strong work ethic that defines Wankaego started here as her cosmetic career landed her the opportunity to be published in several nationally recognized magazines. “Accomplishing all of my goals, exceeding my own expectations in the industry, completing a World tour, and finding success in my career…” this is where Wankaego sees herself in 5 years.

The greatest supporter in her personal life is Neal Heflin, also her hype man, he has helped shape her day to day activities and structure a life that will continue her musical success. Chris Cardwell and Adam Sweet are also leading “#TeamWankaego” supporters that have helped develop her brand and global presentation. She also gives special thanks to all the fans who have reached out to help her career.

“It is going to be rough, and there will be a lot of obstacles that you will face on your journey. However you have to stay focused and believe in yourself and have faith that you can make those dreams into a reality.” This is the advice that Wankaego gives others trying to pursue their dreams.

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