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Virgina Wolf(TBG I'm Leaving You Remix)
How Did It Go OG Version (Prod Flvme)
The Villa (Black Sand)
My Love
Grass Aint Greener
Post To Be (Remix)
"The Worst"
Permission Remix
Million (Remix)
Be Careful
Jesse Is Heavyweight (@JIHeavyweight )
Jesse Is Heavyweight Gravy Train: An American Success Story Jesse Is Heavyweight finally releases his new album Gravy Train: An American Success Story. Jesse's last album So Southern distributed by Sony RED went on to be heralded as a classic throughout Texas and up the east coast. Jesse Is Heavyweight's Gravy Train is out now and released under Jesse's own imprint Heavyweight Ent distributed by Uni/Mo. As if there wasn't enough cosmic pressure for this album to deliver. This album can't just be better than the last dozen mixtapes it has to be almost as good as So Southern. A tall order. In a somewhat surprising move Apple Music beat out Tidal to distribute the record according to Heavyweight. (Jesse bought himself out of his Sony RED contract.) But really Jesse Heavyweight is his own brand, his own label, the rest is fine print. Jesse Is Heavyweight teamed up with healthy snack subscription service Nature Box and curated a unique tumblr page to promote An American Success Story. Also Jesse will be hosting a Pop Up Shop in Manhattan, 34th Street on September 21st. Don Diva Magazine Interview Complex Magazine Interview Experience Jesse Is Heavyweight