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Ne-Yo Says He Knows Everyone Smashes To His Songs
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By: Talia Azadian
posted: 1/18/15 5:25:04 P
| Food 4 Thought |
Ne-Yo joined us in Big Boy's Neighborhood to talk about the release of his upcoming album,

Photo via Talia Azadian Photography


Ne-Yo joined us in Big Boy's Neighborhood to talk about the release of his upcoming album, Non-Fiction, what he does to relax, fruits and veggies on his rider contract, and how he looks for talent.

My favorite part about this interview is how much passion Ne-Yo talks with. Whether he is talking about music he writes and sings or finding new talent, he takes his job seriously and has fun with it at the same time.

2015 is bringing us a new Ne-Yo tour, along with him performing at our anual Valentine's Crush Concert at The Forum February 13!


With so many hits, Ne-Yo respectfully says that he is his only competition. He thinks that it was imporant for his new album to consider what he has previously done and what the fans love, but also think about what he enjoys as an artist; it's a balance.

Though Ne-Yo dabbles in a few genres, R&B is his main. He let us know that it bothers him a little when blogs and other news sources say that he's "not R&B anymore". His defense is that "without R&B, there would be no Ne-Yo". He's "going to explore but [he's] always going to come home".


Obviously, Ne-Yo knows people smash to his tracks, but I love the awkward moment between Big Boy and Ne-Yo (at 4:15) when Big tells him that he and his wife do it to his music. 

Watch the whole interview below!